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What is Quants? How to join launchpad $QUNT on Mito?

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Published Feb 26 2024
Updated Feb 27 2024
3 min read

Overview about Mito Launchpad

Mito is a launchpad project built on the Injective network that leverages the Constant Product Market Maker (CPMM) model. For launchpad products, all capital raising projects on the platform are approved by the community through a voting round which brings the decentralization to activities on the Mito platform.

Not only does Mito support projects with a capital raising platform, it also helps startups fuel their liquidity pools, amplifying their reach and attracting investors long after their capital raise.

From February 22nd, 2024, users can access early token sales occurring within the Injective ecosystem. Mito is going to its first project offering on launchpad, named “Quants" - a pioneering PFP NFT collection selected through a voting round by the Injective community.  

What is Quants?

Quants is a PFP NFT project consisting of 10,000 different works which was developed by the PRMR team, the developer behind the popular The Ninja project on the Injective ecosystem. Quants' goal is to be a pioneering initiative that ignites a vibrant community, drawing investors by the droves to Injective's bustling landscape.

Currently, Quants has quite interesting tokenomics when following the community policy "For community, by community", with:

- Token sale: 51.4%.

- Liquidity Farming: 36%.

- Marketing & Airdrop: 12.6%.

And there is no allocation for the team.


$QUNT farming

Over 12 months, 280 million tokens will be distributed to LP providers. Rewards will double every 4 months as below:


Quants - The Second Bluechip PFP NFT Collection on Injective

PRMR, the team behind the groundbreaking The Ninjas NFT collection (valued at 600 USD with a 7-day trading volume of 29,000 USD), is back with another ambitious project: Quants.

Quants is a PFP NFT collection developed by the PRMR team with the ambition of becoming the second bluechip NFT collection after The Ninjas on the Injective ecosystem.

Unlike its predecessor, Quants didn't initially make a splash, currently Quants has become a phenomenon with a price at 139 USD/NFT with the 7-day trading volume has exceeded 61,000 USD. 

This impressive performance is turning heads within the Injective community and many other KOLs. All eyes are on Quants as they launch their token and raise capital on the Mito launchpad platform on February 22nd, 2024.

In addition, the condition for participating on launchpad is that the user's wallet must be whitelisted by the project itself. Right now, only Quants' Discord participants and giveaway winners have secured their whitelist spots. 

After completing the launchpad process, users will immediately get 50% of the asset, with the remaining 50% being deposited into a QUNT/INJ trading vault. 

Users will then receive an LP token to represent their holdings. This vault is formed immediately following the end of the launchpad subscription.

Users will be able to withdraw their funds from this vault immediately, or stake their LP tokens for prizes.

How to join launchpad Quants on Mito

Prepare before joining Quants

Before joining launchpad, users need to prepare:

+ INJ token: which is used to participate in the Quants project and pay network transaction fees. Users should need at least 6 INJ tokens (5.98 INJ to participate and 0.002 INJ to pay transaction fees).

+ Ninji Wallet application. Users can download Ninji Wallet here.

Sapo: The Quants is an NFT collection that emerged as an unexpected phenomenon in the Injective ecosystem. On February 22, 2024, the project announced its capital raise on the Mito launchpad platform. So what is Quants? What makes Quants stand out? How to join Quants on Mito?

How to join Quants on Mito

Step 1: Users log in to Mito's launchpad right here.


Step 2: Users click Connect in the upper right corner of the screen to connect the wallet and choose Ninji wallet.


Step 3: User clicks Details at the Quants project.


Step 4: Once you have connected, if you are eligible to participate in the Launchpad, you will see the "Subscribe Now" button.

If you are not eligible, this button will be greyed out.


Step 5: Input the desired subscription amount and Click “Review Subscription".


Step 6: Once you have reviewed your details, click "Confirm".


Ninji wallet will prompt necessary approvals to confirm the transaction.

Then, you will receive an on-screen confirmation notification once your subscription has been successfully processed.